Social responsibility (CSR)

Green planet & Speer IT

At Speer IT, we value sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship and try to contribute to it in every possible way. Founder and CFO Peterpaul Brundel is the main driver of all our CO2 reduction measures. We interviewed Peterpaul about his motivation and passion in this area.

Peterpaul: “Even from a very young age, I have attached great importance to preventing energy waste and animal suffering. I try to do as much as possible to make my personal contribution to a better environment. That includes business, too. One of my priorities at Speer IT is to create awareness among our employees. I myself have been driving an electric car for almost seven years and 42% of our fleet now consists of fully electric vehicles. Our solar panels on the roof provide the green electricity for charging the cars.”

“As a member of the Dutch CO2 Neutral Foundation, we are working hard to become a climate-neutral company. We have full insight into our CO2 emissions, using the CO2 Performance certification. In the seven years that we have had this certification, we have taken many CO2-reducing measures. In addition to the electric cars, solar panels, and smart sensors on our LED lighting, we have decided to make hybrid work permanent. Our default here is 50% working from home. This not only gives people a better work-life balance but also makes a significant difference in reducing CO2 emissions. Corona has also made it quite normal to travel less. People are now much more likely to consider whether a meeting can be held via Teams or whether an in-person visit is necessary.

You can read all our CSR reports on our website (see the list below).

Each year, we conduct a survey among our employees in which we give attention to working from home versus energy consumption at home. In this survey, we ask the employees about their electricity and gas consumption, their home office set-up, and energy-saving measures they have taken. They can contribute ideas for how we can be even more conscious of our energy consumption.

Being a C02-neutral company is quite a challenge. In addition to reduction measures, Speer IT also makes use of offsets. For example, in 2020 and 2022, the company decided to adopt tropical rainforest in Costa Rica together with our employees, through the Adopt Rainforest Foundation. The president of this foundation, Martin Havik, recently sent a video with a report of his visit to Costa Rica, where he visited the area of the rainforest where our adopted trees are located. Nice to see this “Wood Wide Web” in real life! You can watch that video here.

I am very aware that we are not there yet, but we are steadily moving forward,” says Brundel.

These are our CO2 performance ladder reports (in Dutch only):

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Networks in Nature

The meaning of the images on our website

Understanding and visualizing networks is our business. It’s fascinating to see how networks made by humans often mirror networks and connections and communities in nature. Networks like the wood-wide web with its fungal connections, bacteria that colonize by releasing signaling molecules, or even the spider web that transmits vibrations back to the spider to tell it the exact location of its prey. Corals that build upon one another depending on local conditions, the starling murmuration that stays connected because individuals move in tandem with their closest neighbors – all fascinating forms of network communication and cooperation.

We believe our collaborative and nurturing way of working with our customers and our people is just as powerful as natural networks. And just as we protect our customers’ networks, we are also committed to doing our best to reduce our impact on the natural world. You can read about our social responsibility efforts here