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Get to know us

At Speer IT, we are proud of what our people are able to accomplish and what that means to our customers, our partners, and even to the planet.

Personal growth and development, ensuring the highest quality, helping and collaborating with each other, and taking the responsibility for our social and environmental footprint are things we value highly. 

Read on and get to know us a little better.

About Us

The people, the company – the professionals behind fiber optic registration.

Social Responsibility

At Speer IT, we value sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship and try to contribute to it in every possible way. 


Speer IT stands for quality above all else. Our multiple certifications are proof of our commitment to information security and quality assurance.


You can find our news and other resources right here.

Success Stories

Read what our clients have to say about our solutions.


We think true innovation is a result of collaboration and co-creation.

Networks in Nature

The meaning of the images on our website

Understanding and visualizing networks is our business. It’s fascinating to see how networks made by humans often mirror networks and connections and communities in nature. Networks like the wood-wide web with its fungal connections, bacteria that colonize by releasing signaling molecules, or even the spider web that transmits vibrations back to the spider to tell it the exact location of its prey. Corals that build upon one another depending on local conditions, the starling murmuration that stays connected because individuals move in tandem with their closest neighbors – all fascinating forms of network communication and cooperation.

We believe our collaborative and nurturing way of working with our customers and our people is just as powerful as natural networks. And just as we protect our customers’ networks, we are also committed to doing our best to reduce our impact on the natural world. You can read about our social responsibility efforts here

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