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Cocon Fiber

The single, fully-integrated asset management solution

The Cocon Fiber solution by Speer IT is the industry standard when it comes to recording and managing physical fiber optic networks. Cocon Fiber is an asset management system that helps you safeguard these extensive investments by ensuring they are completely visible and fully manageable, right down to the finest detail. Cocon Fiber is a SaaS solution on Azure with an underlying Oracle database.

Cocon Fiber provides support for the entire fiber optic network process, including construction, planning and sales, and it can keep track of everything from notifications, documentation, and activation, to maintenance and resolving outages as well as the day-to-day network management activities. The system also provides decision support for new connections and modifications. Cocon Fiber brings all these processes together in a single integrated solution. It offers robust, real-time visual insights into every component of your network: fiber types, splices, patches, permits, POPs, DPs, addresses, x-y coordinates, and a whole lot more.

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