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About us

The people, the company – the professionals behind fiber optic registration.

At Speer IT, we don’t like to brag about ourselves because it is truly the people that make our company great! So, let us introduce you to the team behind our fiber optic registration system and tell you the story of Speer IT.

Speer IT was founded in 1999 by Mark van der Heijden and Peterpaul Brundel and is a well established, privately owned company. We are the market leader in the Netherlands, as well as being very active internationally. Our company goal is to become the global leader in fiber optics registration. Speer IT’s first major project came from BT Netherlands and was quickly followed by the likes of KPN (Reggefiber), T-Mobile (Tele2), Orange (Mobistar), Eurofiber and many other important customers with which we have had a close relationship for many years. During that time, we also founded Speerworks, a consultancy that advises and supports customers in implementing and using our Cocon Fiber asset management solution to maximum business advantage.

We work alongside our customers and consult with them regularly to develop new solutions. At Speer IT, we pride ourselves on being seen as a strategic partner rather than just another vendor. That’s why customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

Speer IT has been the leading provider of fiber optic registration software for over two decades. As a market leader, we serve major international telco companies such as Eurofiber, BT, KPN, DELTA fiber, Deutsche Glasfaser, Fiberklaar, Orange, Unifiber, ODF and many more. Our team of more than 50 passionate professionals have extensive experience in the telco industry and work hard to continuously develop and improve our fiber optics registration solutions.

It's our people that make Speer IT a market leader!

Bright minds. Social minds. These are the characteristics of our people at Speer IT. From the system engineers to sales to the service desk, our 50+ team use their knowledge to help you and to help each other, every single day.

Our board is responsible for making sure everyone can do their best work to deliver the best products, so let us introduce them.

Speer IT listens

Our motto: we innovate by listening.

All our clients benefit from that. But what does that mean in practice? It means that we will work together with you to find new solutions, which can then also be useful for other clients. Collaboration ensures that we can work more efficiently and you can install and better manage more fiber optics connections.

In addition, Speer IT has been ISO 9001 and ISO27001 certified for over ten years, guaranteeing the industry standard for quality management and information security.

At Speer IT, we don’t just have a heart for our business. We also have a heart for each other, for our clients, and for the world we are allowed to live in. Sustainability is a high priority for us. We have full awareness of our carbon footprint and we are active participants in multiple CO2 initiatives.

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