Innovating through collaboration & co-creation

Along the path of growing our business and expanding into international markets, we have worked closely with our customers and our partners to determine the best direction for new developments specifically for the fiber optics industry. Our belief is that working together means more progress for all!

Below are some of the collaborative initiatives we have undertaken:

Gridsz Platform

The platform for better telco connections, developed in a joint venture with Infodation. Gridsz is an integrated, modular SaaS plafform that lets telco users manage their physical networks all in once place.

FiberFit Monitoring

A collaboration with Simac Electronics, FiberFIT tests and monitors fiber optic networks for continuous insights into delivery quality through live dashboards and alerts.

Soil Risk Map

A collaboration with Stantec to make the Soil Risk Map available directly in Cocon Fiber, providing an extra layer of information on soil quality to help determine safety measures before performing work in the ground.

Certified Partner

Yungo has a team of engineers focused on planning, optimising and documenting the deployment of FTTx networks around the world. Yungo has been using Speer IT software for many years.

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