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D.R.A.W. - Certified partner

Wesley Frodyma, Director D.R.A.W: “As a certified partner of Speer IT, we embrace the responsibility of providing the highest possible quality to our customers in the fibre industry. At D.R.A.W, we understand that the seamless integration of fibre registration software such as Cocon is essential for long-term success. We bring our technical expertise and dedicated team to streamline the entire process from design to delivery. The importance of this for our customers is that they can rely on a partner who understands the complexity and helps them achieve their goals in an efficient and reliable manner.

D.R.A.W. is therefore not just another company, but reflects a journey of dedication and growth. Founded in 2020, our engineers have proven themselves to be true ninjas in the fibreglass industry.  We are not ordinary engineers dealing with mass work; we like to leave that to others. We are the specialists who know everything and have a solution for everything, regardless of complexity. From design to realisation, we embrace all the facets involved in realising and registering fibre-optic networks. We know how to deal with them. We come, structure, and leave a lasting impact.

With a team of ten talented individuals, all with strong technical backgrounds, we have purposefully built on our success. With personal training, they have been shaped into the technical specialists of excellence they are in engineering today. Together, we show that passion and education are the building blocks of success.”