Fiber optics is what we do.

Speer IT has been the leading provider of fiber optic registration software in the Netherlands for over two decades, as well as serving multinational telco companies in various countries. We pride ourselves on working alongside our customers and consulting with them to create innovative solutions to managing their physical networks.

Every solution that Speer IT offers, whether on our own or in collaboration with other experts in digitalization, is developed with the goal of making fiber optic network asset management easier and more profitable for our customers. And because fiber optics is what we do, you can be sure that every one of them has precisely the details you need for optimal network management.

Cocon Fiber

The single-platform SaaS solution, built on Azure, that brings you a complete, detailed overview of even the most complex network infrastructure.


The modular SaaS platform that allows users to manage every aspect of the physical telco network all within a single integrated system.

FiberFIT Monitoring

FiberFIT Monitoring offers you the possibility of performing physical network control more efficiently, using live dashboards and adjustable alerts.

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