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Every customer project need is unique. Speerworks has the talent to meet every one of them. 

Speerworks - Cocon Fiber specialists

Speer IT works hard to always deliver top-quality products. We also pride ourselves on maintaining long-term successful collaborations with our customers. In 2014, we founded Speerworks so that we could offer even more support to our customers.
Our more than 20 years of experience in fiber optics gives us the expertise to help our customers with excellent advice for how to safeguard their networks and optimize the business benefits over the long term. In addition to our best practices consulting, Speerworks also places talented software professionals directly in your own offices to help you with operational processes or with the migration and implementation of our systems.
This allows us to offer you optimal support in the use of Speer IT products. Our people can help you with the hands-on processes and the best way to use our solutions to fit your specific needs. At the same time, they are highly knowledgeable experts who can also show you more effective and efficient ways to get the job done.
Professionals at Speerworks have all been trained internally by Speer IT to effectively test new products in Cocon Fiber, including within the web environment. They also work within Speer IT’s professional support environment, so that they know all of the Speer IT products inside and out and can help clients with a wide range of questions.

Best practices in asset management

With over 20 years of experience in the fiber optics industry, Speer IT has had the opportunity to work closely with some of the largest telco companies in the world as well as smaller start-up businesses. We have seen a lot of where things go right and where things can go wrong. And we use that experience to share those best practices with our clients.

If you are in the process of setting up your internal management processes for your network infrastructure and could use some extra support from an experienced partner, Speer IT can work with you and provide professional advice that is highly relevant to your specific challenges.  At Speer IT, we pride ourselves on being a strategic partner that understands fiber optics and can work alongside you to help shape your business success.

We believe that innovation and success are achieved by working together.

So, why not let Speer IT think along with you? We are ready to share the knowledge!

Implementing fiber optics registration software takes specialist knowhow

Software and systems migration and implementation is specialist work. Your organisation is unique, and so is our solution. That is why our software systems are completely customised when we implement them. We do so according to your exact business needs, and you can count on us for specialist expertise and advice.

If you need support for migrating or implementing the software system, Speer IT has the knowledge and the specialists who can help you do that efficiently and effectively. You get all the service to ensure a smooth migration or implementation process.

In some cases, you might want to have one of our specialists working directly in your office. Our talent solution, Speerworks, has just the right software professionals available to work on-site to assist you with implementation and migration or with day-to-day operation processes. 


Sharing best practices in asset management


Migration and implementation of software and systems


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